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Helping boomers live with less pain, feel younger and navigate the misunderstood world of nutrition and exercise.

In Maarten's Book...

He explains how to retrain your mind and body. Overcome social expectations, injury, inertia, poor self-image, childhood and other thought patterns. 

Become free of the chains that currently bind you from living a healthy life.


Combining our 3 stages of health into complete lifestyle programs.

4. Longevity

BoomerBody is the online health, fitness and lifestyle center for boomers, by boomers.

Using the video trainings, downloadable guides & insightful articles, we are proud to help more and more Boomers live with less pain, more mobility and more energy. 

After the body is flexible, we introduce

methods to strengthen your muscles.

1. Flexibility

We integrate easy to follow meal plans that are 

aligned with nature and not a "fad".

3. Nutrition

All this leaves you feeling younger and having the energy and stamina to do the things you love. 

2. Strength

People tell us, in wonder, months later that their pain is still gone...  

That they avoided surgery... 

And that they can finally enjoy life again outside of their home.

A combination of our 4 step approach and M.U.S.T. (Muscle Unit Stimulation Technique) helps to guarantee success for people of our generation.  

We start with a solid foundation of flexibility. 

So how exactly do the BoomerBody programs work?

 “From being inactive the aches and pains in my back, and especially my shoulder, started flaring up more and restricting me in my work and basic daily routines. Since training with BoomerBody my lower back is stronger and more stable then ever and I now can use my shoulder without fear of re-injury, and the great thing is that if I do get a ache or pain I've learned through BoomerBody how to identify the muscles and know how to stretch and heal them.”

-- Brian Stich, Service Manager, Mercedes Benz

"Since training with BoomerBody my lower back is stronger and more stable then ever..."

What could BoomerBody do for you?

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